A competition had been notified a few days in advance, viz.,collect points by overflying local waypoints and then landings to be judged according to set criteria. A good bottle of red and a six pack were the prizes. According to the responses I had planned a programme for seven pilots to have two goes each, but thankfully had planned a few spare slots, because it is a planning dogma that nothing goes to plan.I wake up during the night thinking of minute improvements. As it happened eleven pilots showed up and a revised, but tight, schedule allowed all to take part with one attempt each. Slot # 1 was to be Trevor doing a post Form 2 test flight on the Jantar at 10.30 ( well done and a big thanks to Andy Jones for many weeks of immaculate work. His tool bench and work station were close to NASA standard).

Boris was dispatched to do the warm-up circuit in Budgie. I regretted not specifying to this 22,000 hour pilot that a circuit is take off /crosswind/downwind/base/ land.

Back at the pie cart it felt that I was trying to herd gerbils into sticking somewhere close ( actually not even close) to the slot times. I quickly morphed into John Cleese ( Fawlty Towers) lurching around  with clipboard and stopwatch.Trevor tested my patience by inserting a rogue flight into the programme( huh?). It only got cancelled because we realised we had no tug.....whaaaat? Boris had slightly extended his circuit up to Gympie in order to recce some competition waypoints. Now we had airborne gerbils.

I should have deducted Judith 50 points for giggling at me ( you can rename/paint new signs all you want but it is still Gympie gliding club).

Anyway Trevor took off at 1115, which in the chaos was not too bad.In that he had to loop/spin/stall/VNE etc between waypoints with no thermals. I was secretly pleased that he had this early slot. Milan launched in the Cirrus followed by Boris ( Janet in the backseat) in the K21.They scrabbled around for a while but it was obvious that not many points would be harvested and they came in with grim determination for landing.

The touchdown point was the runway marker at the cross runway. Touchdown before the marker was not allowed ( zero points ; I was to regret inventing this rule later). Every metre beyond was one point deducted from 50. There was a cliff at 170m.

Trevor comes swooping in, in ground effect, and plonks down 2m beyond the marker. Bloody hell, spectacular! Milan next but 6m short....null points. Boris sailed over the marker landed well down the track., and over the cliff....null points ( Karma).

Me next in our lovely Jantar, although Andy reminded me that heavy braking slams the nose down, and he would be displeased with me. I want to  claim exemption from the cliff, but Chris in the tug is already off. I find a bit of lift over /Servo/Puma/Matilda ( others seem not to accept my designation of the latter) and gingerly set forth for Gympie cart track. A bit more lift over that and I feel empowered. I know I have enough height to make the Racecourse, especially with a straight in to Rwy14  available, but find that I left the cojones behind, and give it a miss. I easily make the last two waypoints with loads to spare. Damn. Anyway four out of five plus an immaculate landing to come....the wine will surely be mine. It is all looking good but....plonk!....just a smidgen short and I know it. I come to rest with my wheel on the cliff edge but the cockpit well over, like The Italian Job.I try to contest the accuracy of the measuring system for my zero point landing, but Trevor has video. I then plead that I landed 4m from Trevor's spot, he gets 48 pts, I get zero, what kind of crazy system is that? It is politely pointed out that I invented it, so I go away to lick my wounds.

Back at the pie cart I find that Boris has stolen Gordon's slot and disappeared in the Cirrus for a second try. That is two unauthorised flights for him so far. We need to start shooting the gerbils. Over the radio we hear him " glider GFB ( wrong aircraft callsign) overhead Racecourse 3500' climbing   ( skiting big time). My mood improves not one jot.

Bob and Judith, collect some nav points but land a bit short. I would have put money on a better outcome.
Gordon (his Cirrus was stolen)  and Les in the IS30 grab minimal nav points and even less on landing. But it was Gordon's first go in the IS30.
Andy gets points for Sawmill and Cart track, not too bad, but lands in a cloud of dust for a nil pointer.
Boris, having got maximum nav points (55) comes back in full of confidence in the stolen Cirrus. Misplaced confidence it turns out as he touches down not far from the cliff and could have done a full aeros sequence on the way down into the abyss.
Janet and Trevor have 3 waypoints, and damn if he doesn't put it down close to the marker again.
Milan and Ray ( Ray flying) grab all 5 waypoints, Bravo! But Milan drops it a bit short on landing. Ray refuses to speak to him.
Chris gets not much joy on a short flight but wait! Gordon touches down just in the scoring zone for 5 points!

When all is put away and totted up, Boris and Milan tie on Nav points(max) and also on landing points (0). Boris is declared the winner with a heap of extra bonus points for the elan he showed on going over the cliff twice still at flying speed. 
The landing trophy goes to Trevor with two spectacular and accurate landings, 48 points. Gordon was second with a plucky 5, and the rest of us got zero. Jeez, and we thought we were good last week!

A great turnout and I believe we all enjoyed the gliding if not the scoreboard.

(note to self; tweak the rules so that I come first next time).

Toodle pip.

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